Base Set and Expansion 1

Play with

  • 3-8 players for the Base Set
  • 6-16 players adding in Expansion 1
  • Humans ages 7 and up.

Game Overview

Each player must follow a card of the same color or text. Special cards may change the direction of play, skip a player’s turn, make other players draw cards, swap hands between two players, change the color, or allow a player to discard more than one card.

The object of the game is to discard or scrap all the cards in your hand.

How to Play

Put the Direction Card and Playmat Card in the center, flipping the Direction Card to the clockwise side. Shuffle all the cards and deal 7 to each player. Put the remainder of the deck on the “Draw!” corner of the Playmat Card. Draw the top card from "Draw!" and put it face up on "Discard!", making sure it’s either blue, green, orange, or red.

The person next to the dealer in the current direction of play goes first. Each player in their turn is allowed to discard a card in one of the following ways:

  1. By matching its color on "Discard!"
  2. By matching its number or letters, placed on "Discard!"
  3. By using a Pick a Color or Pick a Color Draw 4 on "Discard!"
  4. By using a black Two Train card on “Train!” (and not "Discard!")

If you cannot play or choose not to play, you must draw. If there are no black Two Train cards on “Train!”, draw 1. Otherwise, draw the cumulative total of the Two Train cards from "Draw!" and then move the entire Two Train to "Scrap!".

After drawing, if a card you drew can be played, you can play it or choose to pass. A player who is left with one card in their hand must announce, “Chaos!”. If they fail to do so within 1 second, they draw 3 cards.

All the cards which are not regular number cards are Action Cards. An Action Card can affect the player who uses it, the next player, next two players, or two separate players. Use them wisely and you will win the game.

  • Skip – The next player loses their turn.

  • Double Skip – The next two players lose their turns.

  • Skip to Most – Skip to the player with the most cards. If 2 or more players are tied for the most, skip to the first one in the current direction of play.

  • Reverse – Reverse the direction of play. You must flip the Direction Card. If you fail to do so in 1 second after playing Reverse, you draw 1.

  • Reverse Then Skip – Reverse the direction of play and the next player loses their turn. You must flip the Direction Card. If you fail to do so in 1 second after playing Reverse Then Skip, you draw 1.

  • Swap Hands – Choose 2 players to exchange hands. You can be one of the two players.

  • Color Dump – Discard any or all the cards of the same color as the Color Dump. If the last card played on the Color Dump is an Action Card, take the action.

  • Pick a Color – Announce the new color for "Discard!".

  • Pick a Color Draw 4 – Announce the new color for "Discard!" and the next player draws 4 or forces them to discard a Pick a Color Draw 4, which results in the next player to draw 8 (and so on). After drawing, you may choose to play or pass.

Action Cards

The round ends when a player discards or scraps their last card. Everyone counts the points on their cards and adds them to their score. The points scored are bad points. If a player reaches 500 points, the player with the least number of points wins the game.

End of Round and Scoring Points