Expansion 4

Play with

  • 3-16 players

  • Humans ages 10 and up.

You can mix and match expansions, but always make sure the Base Set is in the deck.

Artifact cards have dark backs while normal cards have light backs. Only shuffle and deal the light-backed cards at the beginning of the round. Shuffle and set aside the dark-backed cards.

New Two Trains

There are a number of new Two Train cards that affect the next draw.

  • Bullet Two Train – All Two Train cards are counted as Draw 3 including this card, unless Slow Two Train is played on "Train!".

  • Coal Two Train – Both players to the left and right of you must draw 2 splash damage for each Coal Two Train on the "Train!" pile, even if there are cards modifying the number of cards drawn on "Train!".

  • Slow Two Train – All Two Train cards are counted as Draw 1 including this card, unless Bullet Two Train is played on "Train!".

  • Runaway Two Train – All players are forced to play Two Train cards until a player draws.

  • Two Train Wreck – In case of an odd number of cards to draw, the first player to draw takes the extra card. After the draw, the player next to you in the direction of play goes. If you play Two Train Wreck with at least one Coal Two Train on the "Train!" pile, the people to the left and right of the two people forced to draw must draw the Coal Two Train splash damage.

There are two new event cards that affect the Two Train as well.

  • Missing Two Train – This event can't be dodged to nullify its effects.
  • Two Train Robbery – Dodging requires another player to be chosen.

Artifact cards

If, at any time, you play the exact same color and number/word card on "Discard!", you immediately draw an artifact card. Pick one at random and choose who you will play it on. (You can play the artifact card on yourself.) Artifacts change the rules of the game for that player until the artifact card is either destroyed or moved to another player.

  • Boxcar Willie – Even if no cards are on the Two Train, you still draw 2.
  • Caboose – You must give the extra card to another player and not yourself.
  • Draw Less – If you have Monorail as well, you must draw zero cards.
  • Draw More – If you have Monorail as well, you must draw two cards for every card on the train.
  • Half a Megadodge – For extra fun, you can start the game with both halves in play.
  • Lockdown (either Blue, Green, Orange, or Red) – If you have more than one Lockdown artifact and you play Pity My Fate, you can destroy all the Lockdown artifacts.
  • Magic Rainbow Dumps – If you play a regular Pick a Color or Pick a Color Draw 4, you must destroy this artifact.
  • Monorail – The effects of Draw Less or Draw More effect the number of cards you draw.
  • Negative Destruction – While negative cards are scored as positive points at the end of the round, negative number cards are still the same negative number for purposes of playing on "Discard!" or playing in an event.
  • Paralyzed – You can not be targeted for Swap Hands. Hands move past you for Hands Left or Hands Right.
  • Park Your Seat – You can not play Seat Swap against yourself to destroy this artifact.
  • Rubber and Glue – You can choose to draw instead of using this artifact.
  • Scrap Stealer – Greedy is not an event requiring you to scrap and does not apply to this artifact.
  • Silence is Golden – In case you didn't catch it, this is the exact opposite "Chaos!" rule.
  • Someone Else Picks a Color – The color chosen and the color guessed in the face down card do not have to be the same color.
  • The Worst – Ignore the points in your hand and use the top score from the other players to determine your round score.
  • Two Turns – If you draw for your two turns two consecutive times, you destroy this artifact.
  • Very Meh – If you go out, you can destroy this artifact. However, you still score 30 points that round.