Hand-crafted in Seattle, Color Chaos is game designer Jake Zukowski's second analog game. Color Chaos was a re-imagination of a family game Jake's family played called Screw Your Neighbor. Recognizing games like UNO, Crazy 8s, and this family game are simple to learn, Jake decided to take the concept and add whole new elements to make the game fresh, modern, and massively chaotic.  


Player Reviews

"Why didn't I think of this game?"
Matt McElvogue

"I'm always looking for new card games and I'm glad our friend Jake invented this. This is our go-to party game. It's easy and people like it."
Mali Olson

"It's a lot UNO, except unlike UNO where when you lose you realize you don't care because it's a boring game, instead you want to play again and begin scheming how you will exact your revenge in the next game."
John Postlethwait



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