Love games like Crazy 8s and uno, but want something new?

time to Break out the fun


Color Chaos? Sounds chaotic!

Heck yeah it's chaotic, but in that fun kind of party way! Remember the thrill of playing UNO or Crazy 8s when you were a kid? You would plot your strategy to go out, get down to your last card and when you're ready to win the game, BAM! … a Draw 2 was played, completely ruining your strategy. Color Chaos takes all the fun of games like Crazy 8s and UNO and adds more chaos (and fun!) to the mix, making it a great party game for the entire family.

The game is simple to learn and, with expansions, never gets stale or old. Get ready to feel like a kid again with your friends and family … buy Color Chaos today!


By the Numbers

  • 3 to 10 players for the base set
  • 3 to 16+ players with expansions
  • For humans 10 years or older
This game made my week!
— Craig Jacobson